As a full Service Elevator Company we are able to offer our customers the Service and equipment that will improve their Vertical Lift Situation for years into the future.


We are able to customize our maintenance work to accommodate your needs.  Each demographic has different requirements and we will work with you to come up with the best Code Compliant option to maintain your Elevators and Escalators.

All of our technicians have earned the Certified Elevator Inspector Status and they are fully supported with years of experience looking after a variety of equipment types.  We contribute to technicians’ training and advancement to keep them up to date on all changes to technology and code compliance.

We offer a guarantee that if the elevators we maintain do not exceed industry leading standards for operations and limited shutdowns we will rebate our customers 10% of their annual maintenance fees.


We are able to service a variety of equipment and we have the skills and innovation to come up with the service solution that will keep your equipment up to date and running.  Everything from door operator upgrades to Elevator Cab Modernization’s, we can assist with it all.  In order to suit customers’ needs, we streamlined and optimized our service visits for faster and better servicing.  If you don’t see us at your site doing what we do best, the service is free.


Elevator Modernization helps the elevator to handle new technology, perform better, improve safety, and provide contemporary design.  As a full service Elevator Company with many skilled and reliable personnel, we are able to take you through all of the steps for Modernization.  With Hayes Elevator you can have the confidence that we are going to provide you with the options that are best for your needs.

New Equipment

With our years of experience in the Elevator Field and the depth of experience and training at Hayes Elevator, we can provide optimum services and assistants to all levels of professionals, the architects, the builders, and the End users.  Hayes Elevator provides the best vertical solutions available and partners with all involved to assist in the overall success of the project.

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