Hayes Elevator (Calgary) Inc.


Good Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Elevator.


How Do We Excel?

Friendly, knowledgeable servicemen:

  • Our employees are owners. Your business means more to us.
  • Our technicians are  government certified with full industry training.
  • Our billing rate is lower. Beware the low maintenance price, then outrageous billing for extras later.
  • Accessible local management.


  • We only use non-proprietary equipment, where access to support is available.
  • We aren’t biased by our brand. We will supply the best equipment available.


We can supply any work not covered under your contract…

  • Phones
  • Door Operators
  • Detectors
  • Piston Replacements
  • Carcabs
  • Handrails
  • Buttons
  • Voice Annunciators
  • Keys
  • And Much More…